Monday, October 12, 2015

Cinderella again!!!

Company XIV is by far my most favorite performance troupe ever! This weekend I went back to the Minetta Lane theater to see their production of Cinderella for second time.

They do such an amazing job of every single aspect -- the dancing, the costumes, the eroticism, the camp, the singing, the athleticism. It all comes together in a very sexy and aesthetically sophisticated way.

This time I had better, more center seats, and was able to get a better visual sense of the whole. The performers are all so fun and beautiful, the show is so generous in how much entertainment it provides. Again my favorites were the chanteuse Fairy Godmother, and the high camp Stepmother.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Sun Kil Moon

Last night I saw Sun Kil Moon at the Town Hall. He gave a really beautiful and mesmerizing performance. I have two albums of his which I love, and it was great seeing him live, and seeing the feel he gives to his songs. He has an odd, introverted way of moving on the stage, as if he's kind of in his own world. His band was wonderful and they did extended versions of his songs in such a lovely and exciting way. At times it seemed like orchestral folk, at others like wild rock. There is so much intimacy in his lyrics, a mix of sad profundity and quotidian observations and feelings. He is a very unique and special artist.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Anjelah Johnson Not Fancy

Anjelah Johnson's new comedy special, Not Fancy, is so entertaining. She is really charismatic and engaging. Her humor comes from her cute and playful delivery, and her ability to weave observations with gentle self-mockery. I enjoyed it very much.

Cinderella -- Company XIV

Austin McCormick is a genius! His amazing Company XIV did it again! This time a sexy fantasmagorical interpretation of Cinderella. The combination of opera, circus, Baroque dance, vaudeville and cabaret is enormously engaging in this erotic and fun production. The costumes, lighting, music, and movement were all incredibly top-notch and mesmerizing. They certainly know how to maximize the aesthetic possibilities of 18th century undergarments!

The Cinderella narrative is kind of sparse -- providing the occasion for incredible, sultry and comedic numbers that I can't wait to see again. My favorite performances were Katrina Cunningham as the chanteuse/Fairy Godmother, and Davon Rainey as the high camp, extraordinary dancer playing the Stepmother.