Sunday, May 11, 2008

TV Party

TV Party: The Documentary is about this cool cable access show that was on between 78-82. It was that whole super hip downtown early new wave crowd, Blondie, David Byrne, etc. It was a wild mock talk show where people drank and smoked pot and cursed. I vaguely remember having caught a few episodes when they aired, but maybe that is just wishful thinking on my part.
I had trouble getting into it at first. Footage was sliced with contemporary interviews, and because the original show was so chaotic and low tech it was hard to adjust. But once I was in the right place I loved it. I wish you could watch full episodes, or at least longer sections than they showed.
Also, I felt cool because I knew a few people in it. I used to work for a rock and roll biographer who was a frequent guest (or, partier), and a friend of a friend was one of the regulars.
That was the scene I've always regretted missing.
Oh, and Debbie Harry was so, so, so fucking beautiful.

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