Saturday, July 5, 2008


I had mixed feelings about this "docu-comedy" exploring the fanatical Star Trek subculture.

On one hand it was just terrific. Trekkies showed so many aspects of the intense phenomenon and included great interviews with fans as well as stars. The picture here is of a real dentist's office that is all done up Star Trek style.

On the other hand, it was vacuously voyeuristic. It just exposed these people without much contextualization or interpretation. Called a "docu-comedy" or something like that, it is meant to get laughs. In that it succeeded, but was it just holding these people, these earnest, marginalized intense people, up to be mocked? Although there were attempts at showing the more positive side (?), it really seemed more to be saying, "wow, would you look at these freaks!".

I guess it's the sociologist of deviance in me that wanted more.

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