Friday, August 22, 2008

Toshi Reagon

Last night I saw Toshi Reagon perform with her mom, Bernice Johnson Reagon, and the band the Big Lovely at Lincoln Center out of doors. It was a great concert, but we as an audience were a little sedate and ungenerous and... well... kind of white. It was gospel/blues music and the performers really wanted the audience to get the fuck into it; to sing along, to clap, to call and response. But we just sat there nodding our heads with the occasional WooHoo! Their voices were wonderful.

Bernice Johnson Reagon is one of the founders of Sweet Honey and the Rock, and I think I'm going to put on a CD right now. I might buy a Toshi CD at some point too.

After the concert there was a dance performance, David Dorfman, but it looked pretentious and Tits! and I left after the first few seconds, where the stage was quiet and a voice over went: "Does anyone know why we are here?" or something like that...

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Anonymous said...

I *finally* found your blog. ;-) Good lord, the worlds longest search for a blog ever.