Saturday, February 21, 2009

Amy Kupferberg at Nurture Art

Last night I went to an opening of a group show at Nurture Art in Williamsburg. My absolute favorite piece -- hands down -- was a dramatic and commanding installation by Amy Kupferberg. A series of beautifully damaged paper hexagons was evocative and surprisingly moving.

I can't say much about the process, but involves welding, among other things. The treatment of the paper brings out the loveliness of the materials. It is at once industrial and virile, at the same time that is almost intimate in its delicacy.

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David Cohen said...

I commend you on your excellent taste. Although I haven't seen the show and can't therefore say whether Kupferberg's is, as you suggest, stand out, we posted a work of hers from this show at the online magazine I publish,, so there is, between us, the stirrings of a critical mass behind this artist! I loved your description of the mix of intimacy and virility in her work