Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Bad Seed

I watched The Bad Seed on Netflix Instant Viewing over the course of several days. I've just been so busy and scattered that I couldn't sit down and really be with a movie.

This is excellent, very campy and over-the-top, but interesting and suspenseful. The goody-goody-ness of the little girl was too much: it didn't make sense that any of the adults would find her obsequiousness endearing. I found that to be a major flaw, an element of cheesiness that really took away from the whole.


Anonymous said...

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Synchronicity Soup said...

I have to disagree with that comment. The child's behavior wasn't over-the-top, considering the innocence of the time- the social climate was so prudish. Girls went to "finishing school" and such things. Plus, parents of "gifted" children often afford them quirks of character so as not to stifle their creativity. It is not so unusual for a child to really PLAY their little-child-cuteness card.

Adult sociopaths are often described as acting like children, and to boot, sociopaths, even from a young age, learn to mimic real emotions. So her "awkward" behavior is actually clever considering the psychology. This is a good movie. Some of the characters are very Hitchcock-y, which is interesting because they were contemporaries, born just one year apart, I think. And I'm just remembering how the dead boy's mother shows up drunk!-- It's not as predictable as one would think. This movie fully earns its place as a classic.