Sunday, January 8, 2012


On Friday I saw Pina, a 3-D documentary memorial to the choreographer Pina Bausch.

I was only aware of Bausch from the haunting segments included in Almodovar's Talk to Her, and back then I became instantly fascinated and curious about her work.

Pina, directed by Wim Wenders, is an incredible film that captures many of her complex and emotionally wrenching dances. Although it doesn't show any dance in its entirety, you fully enter each and experience their incredible power, beauty and ingenuity. The 3-D effect was brilliantly and subtly used, adding depth and dimension without tricks or kitsch. The dances took place on stages, as well as in urban environments.

Pina was breathtaking, awe-inspiring, and riveting. It gave me a wonderful introduction to her work, and I hope to see some of these dances performed live.

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