Thursday, June 14, 2012

127 Hours

I was prepared for the intensity of 127 Hours, the movie based on the experiences of the hiker who got his arm caught in a boulder and had to saw it off with a pocket knife to save himself.

The movie was very well filmed and executed. It sustained the tension and momentum, even though it had such a simple narrative arc, and even though you knew the ending.

I had major shpilkies throughout, and couldn't watch the part where he actually cuts off his arm. In spite of that, it wasn't quite as horrific as I expected (the hallucinations weren't exploited for horror effect, and the sense of starving and dying of thirst were not quite as intense as I thought it would be).

James Franco was excellent, and it's definitely a good flick.

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Anonymous said...

also interesting--I dreaded seeing this because of that gory scene--maybe I will now take a chance on it--thanks--