Saturday, August 3, 2013


Last night I saw Pippin at the Music Box Theater. This show is pure entertainment. A little thin on plot, and not a a lot of narrative complexity. But it is fun, fun, fun.

The costumes, dancing, and acrobatics were all amazing, enthralling.

The songs, all of which I remembered from my youth, were wonderful.

Some standout moments include the 66 year old Andrea Martin as Pippin's grandmother. She sang a wonderful "No Time At All", inviting the audience to sing the chorus with her. But most astounding: she performed an elegant trapeze act! It was wonderful to see and she got a standing ovation.

The actor playing Pippin, Matthew James Thomas, was terrific, as was the dynamic and sexy "Leading Player" Patina Miller. I also very much enjoyed Pippin's father, and Catherine.

Really a wonderfully entertaining evening.

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Anonymous said...

all agreed altho act 2 dragged just a bit. mostly couldn't get the smile off my face. and yes, andrea martin is a show stopper--who knew???