Thursday, November 28, 2013

Complexions Contemporary Ballet

Last night I saw Complexions at The Joyce. This exciting company performed three complex dances, all with so much intricate and quirky movement. The dances had numbers of performers on stage at one time, and often it was hard to take it all in.

The first, "Moon Over Jupiter" was set to Rachmaninov, and I found the music a little difficult. The dancing was intriguing and engaging, however. The second, "Recur", was set to all different music, and it was somber and moody. Also complex. My favorite part was the section pictured here, where two dancers in wide legged pants performed a duet with another dancer moving in silhouette behind them. The final piece featured the vibrant wonderful music of Stevie Wonder. The music itself was so exciting that it kind of over-powered the lively dancing. It was a fun up-beat, crowd-pleasing way to end the night.

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