Saturday, June 14, 2014

Parks and Recreation (first 5 seasons)

During the last few weeks I've been binge-watching Parks and Recreation on Netflix, and last night I finished all the episodes available (the first five seasons).

This show is so fun and funny. It has great spirit. The first six episodes were more in the line of the humor of discomfort and awkwardness, but it progressively developed into a very funny, lol, comedy that has a lot of heart.

It centers around Leslie Knope, the Deputy Director of Parks and Recreation. She is an optimistic, idealistic, and endlessly energetic bureaucrat who believes in the capacity of government to improve the lives of citizens. At work she is surrounded by apathetic slackers and a libertarian boss. But what is really sweet is that everyone around her, in spite of their cynicism, is really rooting for Leslie and wants her to succeed. The humor is simultaneously clever and goofy, with shades of darkness, but ultimately this is a cheerful, feel-good comedy.


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Anonymous said...

wish it could continue several more seasons!