Monday, September 8, 2014

Devil's Advocate

I had mixed feelings about Devil's Advocate, a late 90s movie about a lawyer who is enlisted by a demonic firm. On one hand it was thoroughly engaging, often creepy, and definitely entertaining. On the other hand there was something cheesy about it and much of the acting seemed overdone. I was particularly turned off by the cliched way the protagonist's (Keanu Reeves) wife emotionally disintegrated. It was just too over the top. But in spite of that, the morality tale struggle between good and evil, the demon-faced lawyers, and the courtroom histrionics were all good fun.

I also very much enjoyed Al Pacino's performance as the Satan figure. He seemed to have a blast with the role.

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Anonymous said...

one of my favorite films--not over tfe top when you consider you are watching satan's law firm--didn't you love the ending?????