Wednesday, March 4, 2015

At This Moment

On view at the Shirely Fiterman Art Center at BMCC is a wonderful exhibition of faculty art, At This Moment. It features a range of styles and mediums and is a thoroughly dynamic and impressive show that includes numerous beautiful painting. The artists in the show are:
Marina Adams; Yevgeniya Baras; Aisha Tandiwe Bell; Tess Bilhartz; Robert Bunkin
Lynn Braswell; Simon Carr; Betty Copeland; Josephine Culkin; Tim D’Agostino; Elisa Decker; Donelle Estey; Eric Holzman; Ana Garces Kiley; Pat Genova; Xico Greenwald; Joseph Haske; Sarah Haviland; Ann Hjelle; Dikko Faust; Michael Leigh; Susan Leopold; Eva Machauf; Charles McGill; Crys Moore; Kazimira Rachfal; Thaddeus Radell; Jessica Ramirez; Judy Richardson; Owen Roberts; William Reed; Erik Saxon; Adele Shtern; Rachelle Street; Janet Esquirol Sylvan; AC Towery; Joan Thorne; Michael Volonakis; Phil Weisman; Amy Westpfahl; Nina S. Young.

The works I am posting here that I photographed during my visit to the gallery are "Chair Study: Presence or Absence" by Pat Genova which I thought was particularly evocative; a close up of Robert Bunkin's intense "Egyptian Head - Barnes"; a close up of the delicate and beautiful "sucede que mecanso de ser hombre" by Ana Garces Kiley; and the energetic and fun "Lamp" by Josephine Culkin.

It's definitely a great show!

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