Friday, July 24, 2015

Rod Roland: Best Loved

I just finished the lovely and perfect Best Loved, by Rod Roland. This chapbook published by Old Gold in 2013 is a collection of poems that all convey an emotional sweetness and masterful command of language. They are sturdy and delicate at the same time. They are beautifully held together by a quiet and assertive poetic voice.

So many favorite poems here, so many delightfully surprising and longing and smart lines.  Here's a particular special moment, a section from "Long Live Gregory":

call the priests to the locked tower
where they sent you
the pills are good
you love an alcoholic
she's savage and weeps
locked in her room
hope she writes often
and sends lots of cash
             you're a big deal
your poems are better than happiness
you have that one sorrow I love

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