Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Family Man

The Family Man is a pretty silly, pretty annoying, and largely stupid movie. Nonetheless, I watched the whole thing.

It begins with Nicholas Cage and Tea Leone as a young couple just out of college, saying goodbye to each other, temporarily, as Cage embarks to London for an internship at a powerful financial firm, promising to return to her. Then, at least ten years later, he is running a huge and glamorous company, living a materially magnificent life and enjoying his success -- clearly he never went back to Tea Leone.

One Christmas Eve he inexplicably gets plopped into an alternative universe where he had returned to her back then, and they got married and had kids and he wasn't able to pursue his career. He wakes up in bed next to her and has no idea what's going on. This part of the movie actually has some funny scenes, as it allows Cage to do his lovably clueless persona. He has no idea why he is in a relatively crap house with little kids running around, or why the fuck he is selling tires for a living. His befuddlement is taken as a kind of a midlife crisis, but it is very strange how little his wife pays attention to him when he says things like "I shouldn't be here". That the people around him don't notice is a little frustrating.

Anyway, needless to say, he falls in love with Tea Leone all over and is traumatized when he has to go back to his real life. But, with a newfound sense of what is important in life, he goes out to find her in this world. Ugh.

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