Thursday, January 5, 2017

Randy Rainbow at Birdland

The other night I got to see the talented and charismatic Randy Rainbow at Birdland.

This year -- I mean last year -- I was tightly wound around the election, and his video parodies were such a welcome relief from the frightening insanity. I was first introduced to him on facebook during the early debate season, when he did a serious of "GOP dropout" videos. So hilarious. I was hooked and eagerly looked forward to each installment. Every video I watched at least five times.

At Birdland he screened and performed along with some of these. It was fun, but also kind of moving to be in an audience watching these. Kind of like a sense of community.

The evening also featured a number of singers whose performances complemented the videos.

I will say one thing -- the entire election season when I enjoying Randy Rainbow's videos I never for a second thought Trump would actually be elected. Back then (so long ago, our halcyon days), it was fun to laugh at the big ridiculous jackass and the surreal debates. But now that he has won it feels different. I think that was some of the energy in the room, seeing these videos in retrospect created a kind of sadness for our country. It was good and important to be among like-minded people. But disconcerting realizing how much of the country supports such ugliness.

Anyway, looking forward to more Randy Rainbow parodies after 1/20.

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