Saturday, February 16, 2008

Derek Fenner and Ryan Gallagher at Unnameable Books

I went to a reading/magazine launch event at Unnameable Books, a wonderful used bookstore in my neighborhood. Ryan Gallagher read a bunch of wonderful poems (my favorite was "Couplet") and Derek Fenner read from his series of love poems to Katie Couric.

I came home with lots of goodies: a copy of the magazine, They Are Flying Planes, printed in super small font and including a magnifying glass; a beautiful collection of broadsides put together by Derek, featuring poems from all the evening's readers; and an extra special broadside of a mock restraining order keeping Derek away from Katie.

"I realize she's more than just a novelty, my Katie Couric, my sun. I move from her face outward. Yes, once you've seen something, it remains in your memory. With Katie Couric, days pass to night to days beginning again at the end. I'm smitten. I no longer believe in the sun."

- Derek Fenner, from "I Don't Believe in the Sun"

"My favorite color is red and my favorite
people are people who sing the blues,

a precious book of love, an unbound
lover, a poet monk writing by the moon

Often I am permeated through the pores
of all my poems just to get through the junk

because I'm just a head because my body
is a prison because I suffer fits of paranoia"

- Ryan Gallagher, from "Couplets"

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