Thursday, April 24, 2008

CA Conrad at the Project

I was so, so fortunate to hear CA Conrad read at the St. Mark's Poetry Project last night! He gave a FABULOUS reading, hearty rich and witty. I usually don't care all that much for the between poem banter at readings. I mean sometimes it is okay. But this guy was fucking brilliant, I love it when who the poet IS bleeds into what the poet does. It's truly Olin-esque Personism. Anyway, here's a poem that is in his book Deviant Propulsion (which I just bought) and which he read last night:

i'm falling in love
it's nice

i think i won something
but i'm not sure

i always think
i'm winning things that
aren't there

Marwan fucks
me in the front
seat of his
taxi cab which
isn't easy in
Philadelphia while
making a turn onto
Benjamin Franklin
Parkway at 3 a.m.

it's Daylight
Savings Time i'm
angry i'm losing
an hour

he says "tomorrow is
April Fool's Day
ask me to do
something we'll
both enjoy"

i ask him
to back
his ass onto
the gear shift
until it feels
good and
he does

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