Saturday, June 21, 2008

From the ridiculous to the sublime. really

Yesterday Tits! and I decided to be decadent and see a movie in the afternoon. To make it really, really decadent and trashy, the movie we chose was Sex and the City. Let me first say I was never a fan of this show. I never thought Sarah Jessica Parker was funny and the women all just kind of left me flabbergasted. Anyway, I've only ever seen it about three times, so I didn't have any expectations.
The movie was atrocious. Beyond atrocious. It was shrill and desperate and strained. There was no there there. There was absolutely no solid ground, no substance. Nothing at all to enjoy. Tits! said she felt assaulted, and that is the perfect way to describe it.
Anyway, thankfully, I also had tickets to a Metropolitan Opera summer concert in Prospect Park. They aren't doing one in Central Park this year, so it was kind of a big deal. I had VIP tickets through my mother and my friend and I were able to sit very close. I had never seen opera before, and even though this was just a concert and not a full production, it was amazing. I was riveted. Although it's weird, even though we were so close, it was hard to see and I found myself spending more than half the time looking at the giant projections. The singers were Angela Gheorgiu (soprano) and Roberto Alagna (tenor). They did about four duets and two solos each, and there were two pieces performed by the chorus. I was most enthralled by the chorus, actually, and Gheorgiu's solos were a very, very close second.
My friend and I enjoyed it so much that we are going to buy tickets to see the real opera some time soon.

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