Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fall for Dance matinee

Today Tits! and I saw a matinee of one of the Fall for Dance programs at City Center. It was truly excellent, although are seats were truly, truly sucky. We were so incredibly high up.

The pieces we saw were: Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal: Les Chambres des Jacques; Oregon Ballet Theatre: Rush; Madhavi Mugdal: Odissi: PRAVAHA (world premier); Sheron Wray: Harmonica Breakdown; and Hofesh Shechter Company: Uprising (pictured). The two solo pieces (Mugdal and Wray) were the least interesting to me. I would like to see the Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal piece again. It was very quirky and fun, but I had trouble concentrating because of personal stress. Uprising was incredibly intense and powerful about agression and war. The music was loud and industrial, the corps was all male. It was just intense. Everything was great, really. I was also moved by the pas de deux (Rush); the dancers were like liquid.

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