Thursday, September 25, 2008

Richard Siegal & Fang-Yi Sheu

Last night I went to an other performance at City Center. This time I sawBeijingdance/LDTX: The Cold Dagger (excerpt); Houston Ballet:Tchaikovsky Pas de Deux; Richard Siegal/The Bakery: The New 45; Fang-Yi Sheu: Single Room (excerpt); and The Gentlemen of Halau Na Kamalei: Kahikilani.

I really loved the Richard Siegal and Fang-Yi Sheu performances. Richard Siegal/The Bakery consisted of two men doing very charming tap-like or soft shoe type jazz dancing. I'm not sure what the term is, but the choreography was very playful, the music very lively, and the dancers very charismatic. I was blown away by the Fang-Yi Sheu piece, which was just her and a long table. She was incredibly lithe, small and strong and was able to undulate beautifully in an unearthly way against the table. I found it very emotional and haunting. Riveting. I was literally at the edge of my seat, holding my breath. It was very erotic, but also sad. Kind of lonely. The music was somewhat industrial, and it added this inhuman or inhumane element to it.

The other pieces were okay, but didn't quite do it for me. The Hawaiian troupe was kind of fun but also nothingish. I once saw a performance of Hawaiian dance on PBS that was much more involved and layered. This was kind of simple seeming tribal dancing. Or maybe I'm missing something. Or maybe I don't know what I'm talking about.

In any event, I hate that I wasn't able to find a photo on line of any of the pieces I saw. I'm sick of this festival picture, but it's all I have.

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