Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mitchell Marco at Christopher Henry Gallery

Last night I went to the opening of Mitchell Marco's exhibition Ordinary Childhood at Christopher Henry Gallery on the Lower East Side. I hadn't seen Mitchell's work in a couple of years, and was really impressed by how his images continue to evolve. His work is always thought provoking and evocative. Simple and crisp, and yet nuanced and mysterious. Very mysterious, actually. There is always something going on behind the scenes, or immediately prior to the image, that the viewer can never know. But it's there.

The gallery's copy reads: The images reflect upon a time in which the family structure was simpler, evoking a bygone era of black and white media. However, the past is never simple, and Marco shows us that the eternal conundrums of human psychology are always present just beneath the surface." Very true.

I couldn't find an image of his current work on line, so simply posted a photo of the artist that I found.

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