Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Kid Could Paint That

Last night I watched a very interesting documentary about a four-year-old artist. My Kid Could Paint That is about the little girl and her family, and all the hype in the art world about her work. It starts off as a celebration of her talent and an exploration of the question, what is art?, and then takes a turn where it seems that her father was helping create the paintings. Throughout, you sense the little girl's ambivalence about painting and the attention, and there seems to be something ever so slightly off in the family. When 60 Minutes does a sort of expose, it kind of illuminates the fact that something is wrong, that she didn't do those paintings all by herself.

One thing I particularly liked was the presence of the filmmaker. He included footage of people he was interviewing telling him how they felt about him, that he was going to betray the family. And, it also included him expressing his doubts about how to proceed.

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