Monday, June 22, 2009


I saw this wonderful animated movie on Watch Instantly last night: WALL-E. It starts out so sad and grim that it's hard to believe it's for children. It takes place centuries in the future after humans have completely destroyed earth and have fled the planet. They had left robots behind to clean up the immense piles of garbage on earth, and when the movie starts there is one lone robot left, just going about his business, compacting and packing garbage. But, this little guy has a bit of a soul, and he also collects objects that catch his fancy and keeps them in his home. It's very sad, him all alone on the planet.

Eventually a "probe" from space comes and WALL-E and EVE enjoy a very sweet and interesting flirtation. When WALL-E gives her a weed he had found, she automatically shuts down and waits for the ship to bring her back to the humans, floating around in an automatically controlled space craft where they don't have to do anything but sit on their very fat asses and watch advertisements. WALL-E manages to come back with her, and there is a whole lot of adventure stuff about getting the humans back to earth. It is very sweet and very smart.

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