Friday, July 10, 2009

Falling Down

I didn't much care for Falling Down, with Michael Douglas. I watched in on Watch Instantly, where I've been watching more and more movies as I continue to ice my unhealing feet.

The story is about a man full of rage and a sense of injustice who loses it one morning on the LA freeway. He gets out of his car and proceeds to try and walk home. The first person who gets in his way -- well, that's how the story gets in motion. He starts on a slow, pathetic, scary, methodical rampage across LA.

What didn't work for me was how over the top it was. Every person he encountered was hostile and contentious. It was too heavy handed in that way, without being really humorous or ironical. It just was too broad a stroke. And Michael Douglas' performance was mediocre. I never actually felt the characters frustration and rage.

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Anonymous said...

You obviously don't live in the city. If you thought it was over the top how all the other people acted, spend a hot day in the city, or maybe a whole week, and see if your mood doesn't change. This is a movie about urban realities, and getting fed up.