Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Good Son

I rarely have a craving for schlock, but sometimes it just appeals to me in an irresistible way. Hence, tonight I watched The Good Son, a thriller/melodrama about a bad seed.

A little boy's mother dies, presumably of cancer, and his father has to go on a business trip and leaves the boy with his brother's family which is comprised of the parents, a little boy and a little girl. You learn there had been a baby brother who died recently, drowned in the bathtub.

So the family's son, played by Macauley Culkin, has a sickly sweet demeanor and it turns out he is evil. The boy staying with them figures this out and it is up to him to save the family.

I could have sworn I'd seen The Good Son before, but I think it's that it's so filled with visual and dramatic cliches that it just seems that way. One good thing, the ending was intense, and rather surprising.

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