Sunday, February 5, 2012


I know it is embarrassing, but I really liked the movie Overboard when it first came out in 87. It was embarrassing to like it then. For one, I am not a fan of either screwball or romantic comedies, and you put them together, and of course I should hate it. For another, this film is strongly sexist.

And in spite of all this, I enjoyed it on second watching, nearly 25 years later.

The movie starts off with Goldie Hawn parading around her yacht in a ridiculous parody of a socialite bitch. She talks with booming hauteur and bosses everyone around. She fires a carpenter (Kurt Russel) in a belittling and totally bitchy manner, and he yells at her about how miserable she is.

Then, she falls off the boat and has amnesia. Her husband doesn't claim her because he is sick of her shrewishness. And the carpenter decides as a gag to take her in and pretend she's his wife. Hilarity ensues as Goldie is reduced to white trash living, with four overly rambunctious untamed sons and a ridiculously messy home. But, guess what? Goldie learns to care about other people and take pleasure in life. She becomes the caring, supportive, strong yet sexy housewife. And, the icing on the cake: she and Kurt Russel fall in love!

But what happens when she regains her consciousness???? I won't tell.

About a year ago I watched Foul Play again after decades, and was completely charmed by Goldie Hawn and Chevy Chase. I felt the same about her in Overboard. I guess next up is Private Benjamin...

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