Saturday, May 5, 2012

Parra, Klee, Wulff and the Collection at SFMOMA

In addition to the Dijkstra Rineke exhibition, I got to see the vibrant Parra mural, Weirded Out; I also checked out a small exhibit of Paul Klee portraits, which were playful, tight, cryptic and idiosyncratic. I really enjoyed them. I also saw another small exhibition of the contemporary artist Katharina Wulff.  I didn't like the vagueness of these painting, the pastel palette, the stiffly rendered figures. I did like this small untitled piece, of the pink woman with orange hair against a yellow background.

I explored some of the permanent collection, and was captivated by a Barry McGee installation, a brooding Jim Dine, a whole room of Clyfford Stills, and a Warhol self-portrait.

SFMOMA is a very beautiful museum. There is currently a wonderful suspended light installation in the lobby that moves and shows shadows of different figures...

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