Saturday, November 10, 2012

Storm King

I spent the day at Storm King Art Center in Moutainville, NY. Two hours leisurely strolling the extensive grounds allowed us to see a lot of wonderful sculpture, but only a fraction of the total work. 

The art worked wonderfully with the landscape, which gave majesty to many of the pieces. I enjoyed the iconic di Suvero pieces, as well as some of the modest Calder works. There was a Buddha whose face was submerged in the ground with suspended giant feet (Three Legged Buddha, by Zhang Huan) that was a lot of fun, and a couple of interesting pieces low to the ground by Nam June Paik called Waiting for UFO. Indoors there was a wonderful Louise Bourgeois made of small pieces of granite spread on the floor. But I decided that my favorite work of the day was two sculptures by Chakaia Booker, each made of black rubber. I think what I enjoyed about it so much was the thick, feathery texture of the pieces.

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