Monday, November 19, 2012

The Wizard of Oz

I caught The Wizard of Oz on TBS last night. I missed the first twenty minutes, the black and white part in Kansas, and tuned in just as Dorothy was first stepping in Oz.

It is such a wonderful kids movie. I remember loving it so much as a child. It was fascinating, and gorgeous, and really scary and intense and sad. The scenes with the witch were so, so scary, and it was so disappointing the times that Oz let them down.

Of course, after seeing it so many times and being an adult and all, it doesn't have the same hold on me. But it's still a great story, and I was sorry I missed the beginning.

I wonder if kids today like it as much as my generation did. I remember I had a wonderful toy Emerald City, that closed into a box and had dolls of all the main characters.

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