Monday, February 11, 2013

Buglisi Dance Theater

Last night I saw Buglisi Dance Theater at The Joyce. The program consisted of five very dramatic dances. I thought a lot of it was a little on the cheesy and heavy-handed side. But there was also much that I enjoyed.

The first dance, pictured, was my least favorite. And I was nervous that I wouldn't enjoy the rest of the evening. But the second piece, Threshold, was very interesting. It was a duet that began with the woman moving under cloth, in a weird alien way, struggling to come out. Then she was joined by a man, who was wearing weird hunter cave man clothes. They moved strangely, athletically, surreally, and erotically together. Unfortunately, in spite of how cool it was, there was also something embarrassing and cheesy about it. I did like it though.

I also very much liked the solo dance, Zjawa, and my favorite was the final piece, Suspended Women, that featured many women of the company in ball gowns. It was beautiful and strange.

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