Sunday, March 31, 2013

Gaity is the Most Outstanding Feature of the Soviet Union

 At the Saatchi Gallery I explored a fascinating exhibition of art from the Soviet Union, titled Gaity is the Most Outstanding Feature of the Soviet Union. Many of the works were grim and difficult. I was particularly struck by a series of photographs depicting people on window ledges. The perspective of these large scale images gave me vertigo, and the scenes were desolate and disturbing. Most disturbing of all were a vast series of portraits by Boris Mikhailov which focused on sad subjects, many with physical deformities that I found very upsetting. In fact, I couldn't look at all these works.

The bright, colorful palette of Dasha Shishkin's drawings drew me in to the also somewhat disturbing content featuring grotesque figures, depicting greed, excess, and decrepitude. I really liked them!

There were many other intriguing and unsettling works, and all in all I thought this was a very provocative and important exhibition.

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