Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Interrupters

Yesterday I watched The Interrupters, a documentary about "Violence Interrupters" working for CeaseFire, a program in Chicago intended to reduce inner city shootings and violence.

The Interrupters contains many powerful scenes, jumping from several story lines, as if follows several interrupters' activity during the course of a year. We see the impact of shootings on families and communities, and cannot help but feel admiration for the intentions of the interrupters.

However, the documentary didn't frame Chicago's violence within any kind of socio-historic context, and I found this to be a serious flaw. Although it posits violence as a "disease" (the founder of the project is a doctor, an epidemiologist, I think), it doesn't fully explore the implications of this theory in terms of social problems.

Also, at just under two hours, it was a little too long, and could have been edited down a good 20-30 minutes without having lost that much.

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