Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Over the last two days I watched the entire two seasons of Enlightened, the HBO dramedy starring Laura Dern.

I LOVED it. It's about a woman who has an extreme nervous breakdown at work, goes to a new age healing center, and has to return to her old company, demoted from an executive position to data entry. The storyline is excellent, but what I was really drawn to was Dern's character. Such a combination of frustration, charm, awkwardness, bad judgment, good intentions... She was fascinating. The series was so well produced, with lovely touches throughout. Even though it's dark and cynical in a lot of ways, there was a lot of light that came through. I was immensely satisfied with it. Such a bummer that they didn't renew it for a third season!

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Anonymous said...

she won best actress emmy emmy first season btw.
and altho i would have liked to see more of her adventurers, the series did have a complete ending with no really loose ends--her co-conspirator ends up with the girl, she goes back to her husband as a well-known whistle blower, and she brought down the company!