Wednesday, May 15, 2013

NYC Ballet: All Martins

Last night I saw NYC Ballet perform an all Martins program. The dancing was fascinating, complex, and modern.

I confess I had some trouble with the music. It was 20th Century American composers, somewhat dissonant and sparse. But for every piece that started off challenging for me, I eventually found myself absorbed and enthralled.

The first piece was "Calcium Light Night" with music by Charles Ives. This featured two dancers, who did solos and a pas de deux. It was sparse and unusual.

Before the second piece, during the pause, the orchestra was elevated and the conductor took some time to introduce us to the music, having the orchestra play samples. The composer was Charles Wuorinen, and the ballet was called "River of Light". This featured three couples who danced with each other in mix and match pas de deux. Although again I found the music difficult, I was delighted with the magnificent dancing.

Then, "Barber Violin Concerto" with music by Samuel Barber. This featured two couples, one dancing classical ballet, the other modern dance. They eventually mixed with each other. There were many lovely moments, and I enjoyed the modern dance movements.

Finally, and most spectacularly, "Fearful Symmetries" with music by John Adams. This dance included many dancers, and it was fast paced and funky. Very dynamic and exciting. Unfortunately, by this point in the program I was rather sleepy and couldn't concentrate as much, so I didn't fully take it in. I would like to see it again.

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