Sunday, June 2, 2013

Match Point

I watched Match Point last night. I had seen it when it originally came out, about 8 years ago.

Its an excellent, tense thriller about adultery. The acting is fantastic, and the scenes are wonderfully directed by Woody Allen. This is one of his best movies, and it's an uncharacteristic one. Although it is similar in many ways to Crimes and Misdemeanors, which I'm going to watch next. There's nothing funny or goofy here. There's a sense of excitement and dread. The sexual chemistry between the characters Chris and Nola is intense, and his discomfort with his wife is palpable. The relationships are all well executed, and the ending is just fantastic.

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Anonymous said...

right on--this is one of my favorites as well, along with crimes & misdemeanors--it is also reminiscent of dreiser's a place in the sun--and they all can be seen more than once!