Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Silver Linings Playbook

Last night I watched Silver Linings Playbook, a movie about two characters struggling with emotional issues trying to come together.

Although billed as a comedy on Netflix, I found this to be a tense drama. The main character's anger episodes kept me on edge. The woman he meets and forms a friendship with was also very angry and abrasive. Which is not to say they weren't complex and sympathetic. But the emotional pitch of the film kept me on edge.

Pat returns home from a stint in a mental hospital after a violent episode. He has to move in with his parents and is obsessed with reuniting with his wife, who has a restraining order on him. While trying to figure out a strategy, he meets Tiffany, a damaged woman with a lot of charm. The story is about their off-kilter way of connecting.

The acting was very good.

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