Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Freak of Nurture

I just finished reading Freak of Nurture, a collection of smart, funny, and poignant essays by Kelli Dunham.

Freak of Nurture is written in a warm, conversational style that makes the personality of the writer feel really accessible, like she is just talking to you. The essays concern different periods in her life, from living in a convent in the Bronx, volunteering in post-earthquake Haiti, and caring for her dying partners (not at the same time -- she had two girlfriends in a row who died of cancer). Dunham's life and personality are so interesting -- and she has such a unique perspective on modern life, and modern death -- a self-aware cheerfulness that does not negate or minimize or capitalize on suffering but that is truly generous, warm-hearted, and wise.

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