Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I finally saw Pilobolus! I've been wanting to see this company for years, and last night at The Joyce my dreams came true.

This is a very dynamic, athletic, enigmatic company. The dances are acrobatic, often slow, with awe-inspiring feats of grace and strength. Very mesmerizing effects.

As much as I enjoyed all of the pieces, I confess my favorites were the faster, more dancy ones. I was particularly enthralled and entertained by "Skyscrapers" -- where the dancers performed in pairs, moving fast across the stage to different backdrops coordinated with the colors of their costumes. It was wonderful.

I was also very much taken with the aggressive and rocking "Licks", the final dance with the company, using rope as props in a way that was both circus-y and S&M-y.

The slower, more ethereal and haunting dances included "Molly's Not Dead", "Azimuth", and "Symbiosis". In all three of these the dancers worked together, holding and balancing each others weight in ways that were beautiful and impossible seeming.

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