Sunday, October 13, 2013


Gravity is fascinating study of an astronaut who gets disengaged from the spacecraft she was working on and is floating in space with a coworker trying to save her. It is filmed in the dark orbit with a dizzying and scary perspective. The tininess of the people in contrast to vast universe makes their isolation intense.

It is a survival story where one impossible challenge after another faces them, and the Sandra Bullock character in particular is forced over and over again to overcome her profound fear and rise to the occasion. The fear was palpable, making this a very engaging, riveting movie. With only two actors it was focused and tight. But the dialogue in Gravity was glib and distracting, taking away from the suspense in a way I found unsuccessful. Also, by the end, I was a little like "oh come on".

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Anonymous said...

I agree--I was bored--still I was moved at the end--However, astronauts et al have stated that while enjoyable hardly any of it could have happened despite its feel of 'authenticity'--all the way from the UNnecessity of Clooney's 'detachment' and the actual trip to space stations!