Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Another Fall for Dance night!

Last night I took in another program at Fall for Dance at City Center.

The first dance was performed by American Ballet Theatre. They did "The Moor's Pavane: Variations on a Theme of Othello). I have to say I wasn't that thrilled with this one. The costumes were overly concealing: the women wore long gowns and one of the men wore some sort of big long robe. The ballet was nice, elegant, but I also found it slightly boring.

Colin Dunne performed "The Turn" with live musicians on the stage with him (two violins, a viola, and a cello). His Irish tapping was done in conversation with the music and was very interesting and masterful. At times, when the tempo picked up it was truly exciting.

Ballet Hispanico performed "Sombrerisimo", a work featuring six male dancers, all wearing hats and using the hats as part of the dance. Dressed in jeans and button down shirts, they conveyed a cool urban chic. There were two main parts to the dance. The first was slower and a bit jerky. The second part was sexier, sleeker, and, to me, more dynamic. I have wanted to see this company for some time, and will keep an eye out for when they are performing again.

The final company of the evening was my favorite. INTRODANS performed "Sinfonia India", with ten dancers filling the stage with exuberant, delightful, fun, and beautiful dance.

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