Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fall for Dance 2013!

Last night was my first of three evenings at City Center's Fall for Dance Festival. My seat was great, fourth row, near center (okay, maybe just a wee too close).

The first company was Nrityagram, who performed a duet of two women in traditional Indian clothing. The dance was traditional Indian with live musicians. It was interesting and lovely, but not terribly exciting.

The second company was 605 Collective. The dancers were in jeans and t-shirts and the music or sound was thudding and strange. The movement included a lot of running, and the combination of sound and movement made me rather anxious. There was something almost hostile about the piece. Still, I appreciated its complexity and power.

The third piece was nothingish. HEADSPACEDANCE did a quirky, entertaining duet that was humorous and cute but basically forgettable.

The real hit of the evening was Dance Theater of Harlem! They performed a long dance made of six pieces to spiritual music by Francis Poulenc. The ballet was simply stunning.

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