Friday, May 16, 2014


A couple of nights ago I watched Alexander Payne's Nebraska starring Bruce Dern. I was really mesmerized by this bleak and beautiful movie.

It tells the story of a cantankerous older man, possibly losing his faculties, who becomes convinced he's won a million dollars from a magazine sweepstakes. Unable to convince him it's a scam, his two sons and wife join him on a journey from Billings, Montana to Lincoln, Nebraska to collect his winnings. On the way they stop for a couple of days at his family's home where he grew up in small town in Nebraska.

The relationships are all tense and empty. There a large chasms of lost connections. However, the movie slowly takes it's time to illuminate the these connections, and it gradually, tentatively reveals the love, fragile as it may be, between the four central characters.

Filmed in black and white, Nebraska is visually as well as emotionally beautiful, and each frame is stunning.

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