Monday, May 12, 2014

Rocky The Musical

What an exciting musical! Rocky tells the story of the 1976 movie, which I barely remember, about a down and out local boxer struggling to find respect -- from himself and others. The opportunity to fight the leading champion falls in his lap, and presents him with an opportunity to prove himself.

The narrative is pretty straight-forward. What really made this show dynamic was the production. The sets were dramatic and atmospheric. They made great use of film, particularly during the training montages, and used large screens to project actors playing broadcasters.

However, they brought all the bells and whistles out for the finale. Audience members in the first ten rows were led up to the stage to fill bleachers. The excitement of the fight was enhanced through extra large screens showing close ups of the match. And the ring was extended out into the orchestra so everyone felt close to the action. Totally fun!

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