Sunday, July 13, 2014

He Who Gets Slapped

Last night I saw a silent movie at Celebrate Brooklyn. He Who Gets Slapped is a 1924 picture adapted from a Russian play. It is about a struggling scientist whose ideas are stolen by his wealthy benefactor. Humiliated in public in front of the Academy, he gets slapped by the Baron. Then his wife slaps him as she leaves him for the Baron. These experiences obviously imprint him, and later he becomes a clown famous for his act where other clowns get to slap him. The vicious crowds love watching the spectacle.

There are many surreal images in this film, which totally works the creepy clown cliche. The undertones of masochism are a bit disturbing, and it is ultimately a tale of abject spite. But enjoyable nonetheless.

He Who Gets Slapped at Celebrate was accompanied by FANTASTIC music performed by The Alloy Orchestra. They were really great. And the evening started with the amazing virtuoso guitar playing of Stephane Wrembel.

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Anonymous said...

interesting and sad. wnder how it ended? probably a downer!