Saturday, October 25, 2014

American Ballet Theater

I had a fairly delightful evening at Lincoln Center tonight. I went to see American Ballet Theater. The program was three ballets but I only stayed for the first two, as I started to feel very flu-y.

The first dance was "Sinfonietta" -- a lovely five movement ballet for 14 dancers. The music wasn't my favorite, but the graceful movement was mesmerizing and truly beautiful.

The second, "Jardin Aux Lilas", was much more narrative (which I don't quite care for with dance). It was set at a wedding party, where the betrothed were both in love with others. The set was dark and gothic, a gloomy midnight forest scene. And the choreography was austere and formal. Stunning in parts, but a bit mannered for my taste. Still, I was moved, and, as with the first piece, I was mesmerized.

The third dance was a version of "Fancy Free" a sailor-themed number choreographed by Jerome Robbins and set to Leonard Bernstein.  I have seen New York City Ballet perform this at least once and was curious to see how a different company might do it differently. However, unfortunately, I felt very warm and achy and had to leave during the second intermission.

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