Friday, October 10, 2014

Fall for Dance, 2014

The other night I enjoyed a wonderful program at Fall for Dance, my favorite NYC performance festival.

The first dance was performed by Black Grace. "Pati Pati" fused western contemporary dance with traditional Samoan slap dance -- utilizing fun and invigorating and complex body percussion. Next was an elegant ballet from the San Francisco Ballet, "Variations for Two Couples" -- very beautiful, but I wasn't too crazy about the music.

My favorite of the evening was "Two x Two" created by Russell Maliphant/Sadler's Wells London. This spare and haunting dance featured two performers on different squares or planes. Each moving separately but it worked together. The lighting was gorgeous and I was really riveted by the dance.

The final crowd-pleaser was the always engaging Mark Morris Dance Group. We got to see the premiere of "Words", which I fully enjoyed. It had a familiar feeling, though, for a new a work, and I think that is because I've seen his choreography several times before.

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