Sunday, May 10, 2015

Montage of Heck

I watched the HBO Kurt Cobain documentary, Montage of Heck, last night.

I never stopped liking Nirvana and still enjoy listening to them. I also love that first Hole album. But I wasn't particularly into the scene around them in any way and didn't read about them or follow them in the media or pay much attention to Nirvana and Hole other than listening to the the music, which I think is great. Also my favorite Nirvana album was always the MTV Unplugged, which seems to make me less of a true true fan.

I was curious about this documentary because it has gotten good reviews. It was interesting hearing a bit about Cobain's youth and getting to see the writings from his notebooks, as well as the home videos of him and Courtney Love with their baby. But it didn't really deepen my experience of the music or provide insight into the artists in any kind of fulfilling way. I think you need to be more of a full on fan of Cobain to care about Montage of Heck, which to me fell flat. The animations of his drawings were engaging, and the interviews were as well. It was also fun having a 90s nostalgia time with it. But I just didn't feel moved.

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