Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Kate Copeland, Recollection Room

I've been listening to Kate Copeland's debut album all afternoon. Recollection Room is such a lush and lovely and endlessly gorgeous work. Copeland's voice is so inviting. She is so delightful to listen to. There is a lot of warmth and mastery to the vocals. The music is complex and nuanced with soft mossy depths, and crystal clear heights.

I've been waiting for the release of this album for a while. I was already addicted to a couple of the singles. "Breaking" is entirely captivating, devastatingly romantic. I've listened to it numerous times and each time hear something new. I heard Copeland perform "Cruel Tongue" live a couple of years ago and this song never fails to send chills down my spine with it's emotional sophistication and haunting expression of regret.

It was great to hear all the songs on this wonderful album. Today I played the final track, "Rosaline", over and over. It's one of the prettiest things I've ever heard. The thing about Kate Copeland's voice is I don't believe one can ever tire of listening to it. I would be perfectly happy if songs such as "Seam Down the Middle" went on forever.

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