Saturday, June 20, 2015

Van Morrison at Forest Hills Stadium!

I have adored Van Morrison since I was about 14. For years I listened to the Moondance album until later I was introduced to Astral Weeks. Those albums plus Saint Dominic's Preview, TB Sheets, and Veedon Fleece were deeply important to me for many years. His voice is so soulful and brings out so many emotions.

I finally got a chance to see him live. Last night at Forest Hills Stadium he was so incredible. His voice was deep and rocking and powerful. The sound was more smooth and jazzy than I expected, particularly the first few songs, but then he kind of picked up the energy. Because I am unfamiliar with much of his recent work, many of the songs were new to me. They were all phenomenal. The second to last number was just so energizing and uplifting and miraculous. The show ended with a version of Gloria that was probably fifteen minutes long. Fifteen minutes of musical brilliance.

My seats were not great, but not terrible. I don't like large venues, but what can you do. The sound was wonderful, which is I guess what counts.

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